What Is Standard Kitchen Counter Height?

What Is Standard Kitchen Counter Height?

Standard counter height is a few things you’ll not have confidence in on a day to day — however, it’s a key mensuration to stay in mind once designing a renovation.
In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips for putting a balance between the following convention and meeting your distinctive everyday desires.

Kitchen – the quality room counter height is 36 inches (3 feet) on top of the ground. room islands designed for bar-style seating will climb as high as 42 inches.
Bathroom – the quality toilet tabletop height is slightly lower at 32 inches on top of the bottom. toilet vanities have crept up tall recently, however, towards 36 inches within the case of “comfort height” vanities. This can be as a result of the initial customary was enforced at a time once it absolutely was common for homes to own one bathroom; youngsters required to achieve the counter, too.

in the additional contemporary world, homes tend to own several bogs, therefore vainness heights creep up. How the quality Counter Height was Chosen As with several style standards, their area unit sensible reasons for traditional counter height being what it’s. The heights printed on top of maximizing applied science for the varied tasks an adult of average height (5’ 10” for Canadian men, 5’ 4” for women) would perform on a tabletop.

Sticking to those measurements can create it easier to complete your renovation exploitation common installation standards. Kitchen base cupboard makers, for instance, usually style their product with a height of 34. 5 inches. Countertops go together with a regular thickness of 1.5 inches. Add the 2 along and you’ve got your customary room counter height of 36 inches — no pricey customization required.

When it involves custom styles, deviations from the quality counter height area unit are common. Of course, there are unit exceptions for each style rule — together with customary counter height. Let’s explore these, likewise because the pointers good designers follow once making custom solutions for every instance.

Unique Applications and style decisions For most individuals, a room tabletop or toilet vainness abides by the rule “form follows perform.” the most effective technology height is chosen supported what a user of average height would want.

Sometimes, however, you wish to create a press release. once custom cupboards aren’t any concern, you’ll need to travel taller to make a grandiose look. Some designers can go as high as 39 inches. Other samples of custom applications are found in industrial environments. whereas a customer-facing tabletop is often around 36 inches, firms wanting produce. (or maybe even create an imposing atmosphere) could build a surface as high as 45 inches.

There are unit building codes to stay in mind here, however; good designers keep native accessibility laws in mind before obtaining too adventuresome with industrial counter heights.

Physical desires Speaking of accessibility, one of the foremost common reasons individuals deviate from the quality counter height is to account for those with special physical desires. For industrial applications, several designers navigate accessibility by having an obsessive surface that’s shorter than the quality counter.

If you’re planning for your home, you have got various leeway. Counters with a height of thirty-four inches can suit most wheelchairs. If you’re abnormally tall, you’ll be able to go the opposite manner and buck the quality counter height in favor of as tall a worktop as you wish.

Beyond an explicit purpose, stock cupboards won’t work. Thankfully, custom cupboards area units are simple to seek out, albeit pricey. Keep Future owners In Mind 5212 Taj Royale Keep the long-run sale of your target mind once choosing a counter height.

If you have got special physical concerns, your priority is selecting a height of room countertops and loo vanities that meets your desires. For a lot of artistic and discriminatory things, however, you’d be informed to keep potential future consumers of your target mind. this can be another perk of protruding to straightforward tabletop height specifications; you won’t run into any problems.

If you decide on a custom tabletop height, potential consumers might have to reconfigure the surfaces — or could use the weird setup to their advantage to barter a lower price. Either way, the long-run sale of the house is wedged by deviations from the norm.

This may be a negligible concern if you’re dead-set on making a room or toilet you prefer, however, it’s necessary to stay in mind yet.

Let’s Recap The standard counter height is thirty-six inches for kitchens and thirty-two inches for bogs. individuals often deviate from these norms, however, to make a custom style that works for their desires or wishes. If you decide to travel this route, simply keep in mind that it’ll price you within the type of custom carpentry and — if you get very adventuresome — cash off the long-run sale of your home.

The Caesarstone Advantage Regardless of your approach to picking a counter height, quartz countertops from Caesarstone can serve you well. they supply the right companion for custom styles and might add individualism if you decide to stay to the quality counter height.

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