How To Sew A Sofa Cover?

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How To Sew A Sofa Cover?

Determine what quantity of material you wish. the subsequent area unit general tips for materials in solid colors; patterns may have a lot of so as to match the various items up. Note that material is oversubscribed by the yard, that is that the activity lengthwise. Bolts of material at the craft store have planned breadth, that you will need to verify before getting.

Typical widths vary from 32 to 60 inches (81 to 152 cm), with 45 and 60 inches (114 and 152 cm) being the foremost common. The subsequent measurements area unit material that’s 54 inches (137 cm) wide. For a 2-cushion lounge, use 16 yards (16 m) For a 3-cushion lounge, use 18 yards (18 m)
For a 6-cushion lounge, use 22 yards (22 m) For a 2-cushion lounge, use thirteen yards (13 m) For a 4-cushion lounge, use 17 yards (17 m).

Buy the cloth covering material. You’ll be able to purchase it at a cloth store or online.
Consider a cloth during a solid color. Matching patterns or stripes across giant panels are often tough, thus unless you are able to place during this additional effort, hunt for a canopy material that is one tone.

Opt for a cloth with loads of drape – this may be a lot easier to figure with.
Wash and dry the cloth covering material. This softens the fabric and additionally accounts for any shrinkage which will occur. do not skip this necessary step: the wonder of a cloth covering is that it is often simply removed and washed, however, you wish to form certain it will not shrink once you’ve got created it.

Be sure to follow care directions for the actual material you are operating with.
Iron the fabric before trying to start work on the cloth covering. Wrinkles might cause puckering within the finished product, thus this ensures a sleek and correct match.

Drape the lounge with low-cost fabric or wrapping paper and eat up loosely. This mock cowl ought to change to the sofa’s general form. Since you are making the pattern now, you’ll be able to decide whether or not you wish a snug cloth covering, or one that drapes a lot loosely.

Note that it’s okay if you wish to use 2 or 3 giant, separate items. therein case, you’ll have to be compelled to secure sections to the lounge with safety pins. The arm fronts do not have to be compelled to be lined at this stage; see Step three for a lot of details.

If you are feeling assured, you’ll be able to skip the model and drape the lounge with the fabric you are going to use, wrong-side up (that is, the color or pattern ought to be facing down). during this case, you’ll be able to trace the pattern onto the material itself with chalk.

Mark the pattern sections with chalk. Use chalk to spot wherever to chop out the pattern (with the exception of the arm fronts, that you will liquidate Step 3). you ought to have many completely different sections: the outside back of the lounge the seating (including the support and front section that drops to the floor) the sides of the cloth covering, that begins on the surface and are available up and over the within of the armrests.

Measure the arm fronts. This area unit the 2 vertical sections on either aspect of the front of the lounge. It’s best to make the pattern for them singly. Note that you simply would like solely to build one pattern, that you’ll be able to use to make each item. Cut out one rectangular piece of paper or fabric, roughly the dimensions of the arm front.

Use pins to carry it to 1 of the arm fronts. Trace with chalk on the definition of the arm front. You’ll use this piece for each armrest Cut out the pattern sections. Use the scissors to chop rigorously on the chalk outlines you’ve got created. Cut out the sections for the lounge cloth covering. Place giant sections of the cloth covering material on a flat surface, then cowl with every of the pattern sections. Mark the size on the material with the chalk and cut out every section, permitting regarding one in. (2.5 cm) seam allowance for hemming.

Seam allowance could be a little bit of additional material you allow so you’ll be able to sew the items of material along. If your arm fronts area unit asymmetrical, make sure to flip the pattern over before tracing the second. Pin the sections of the cloth covering along.

Lay the items of the material on the lounge, wrong-side out (i.e., pattern or colored aspect facing into the sofa). Use straight pins to assemble the sections of the quilt, taking care to affix the pins simply on the within of the chalk lines. this may produce the overall form for the cloth covering.

Sew the arm fronts to the rest sections. take away these sections from the lounge (you’ll have to be compelled to undo them from the opposite sections, however, do not bit the pins connecting the arm fronts). Use sewing} machine to stitch the sections along, exploiting the twine because of the “road” for the sewing.

Remember to put the material into the stitching machine wrong-side up, so your seams find yourself sleek on the correct aspect. Remove the pins once you’ve got sewed the items along. Sew the body of the cloth covering. take away the opposite 2 items (the back and seating area) from the lounge, taking care to not lose the pins. Use a stitching machine to hitch these 2 items along. Remove the pins once you are done.

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