How To Install Kitchen Faucet On Granite Countertop?

How To Install Kitchen Faucet On Granite Countertop?

Granite counters produce an instant impact in a very room or toilet. The solid stone appearance feels dearly won. If you’re putting in your own granite counter, associate degreed if you’re mistreatment an under-mount sink, you’ll have to be compelled to drill the tap holes within the granite counter before putting in the tap. Typically, the fashion of regulator mounted onto the stone area unit individual regulator items. this implies you’ll sometimes drill 3 or additional holes within the granite to put in your regulator.

Place painter’s tape on the granite covering the realm wherever you wish to put in the taps. live the sink and mark the middle on the painter’s tape. live the gap from the sink edge to the rear of the counter. In most cases, the tap can mount focused therein distance or around one to one 1/2 inches from the sting of the sink. notice the gap center purpose you wish and build across to point to the middle regulator hole.

Mark the placement of every further regulator hole keeping your items equally spaced apart and therefore the same distance center from the sink edge. bear in mind to account for your backsplash on the rear fringe of the counter.

Roll plumber’s putty in your hands to form a rope long enough to surround all of your drill holes. type the putty into a circle on the surface of your holes and press the ends of the rope along. Press the putty to the granite to create a 1/2-inch high ring. This putty ring can facilitate hold up within the realm throughout the drilling method.

The bit ought to be sized in order that your regulator pipe can work through the outlet simply. Center the bit over the cross mark on the tape and tip the bit in order that it bites on the facet nearest to you however does not touch the remainder of the stone.

Drill, permitting the bit to chop through the tape and build a groove within the granite. Once the groove is cut, tip the bit flat step by step to chop a shallow ring. Add water to the within of the putty ring. Continue drilling, mistreatment variable speed, and permitting the bit to try and do the work.

Pause oftentimes to let the bit relax and refill the water pro re nata. Lower speeds work higher than high speeds during this variety of drilling methods. Rock the bit slightly from facet to facet as you get deeper into the granite till you narrow all the approaches through. Repeat for every hole.

Seal the within edges of the tap holes to stop stains later. Use a similar sealer that you simply can use on the counter when the installation is complete. Paint the sealer on with an applier and permit it to dry for twelve hours.

Select a long-shank vogue regulator and certify the handles or options of the tap won’t hit the backsplash throughout use. browse the manufacturer’s directions describing the way to install your taps. Some taps have a rubber ring seal. Look within the tap for a black rubber ring. If your regulator doesn’t seem to own one, type a hoop of plumber’s putty and press the ring round the trained hole within the granite.

Insert the tap through the granite hole from the highest. Place the big plastic haywire that goes together with the kit on the tap pipes beneath the bottom of the tap wherever they emerge from the granite and screw them on to draw the tap tight to the counter prime. If you’re mistreatment putty, this can compress the putty beneath the sting of the tap. Clean away the putty that shows from the surface before it dries. Tighten the plastic haywire employing a long basin wrench.

Wrap the rib face regulator pipe with plumber’s tape, and screw the larger headed versatile water system hose nut onto the pipe. Repeat for the second pipe. Some center-handle taps can have their own hoses already put in, together with a regulator weight to stay the retractile regulator in its housing once not in use. Follow the precise directions with the tap model you’ve got purchased.

Open the water valve to flush installation junk out of the pipes. Discharge the junk and water into a bucket. Wrap the shut-off valve pipe rib head with plumber’s tape. Attach the 3/8-inch compression nut finish of the versatile water system, matching the new sides along and therefore the cold sides along, and tighten with a wrench.

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