how to hang metal wall art

Metal art is distinctive. With metal wall art, you can express your individual style, share priceless memories, and add more love to any room in your house with metal wall art. Now there is a question arising about how to hang metal wall art.

Unlike typical paper wall art, you can’t just put it on your wall carelessly for a variety of reasons. First off, hanging metal wall art haphazardly will only damage your wall because it is typically fairly hefty. Second, if you don’t mount a wonderful metal wall piece securely on your wall, it might be ruined. Although it might be expensive, it is ideal to have a qualified expert come and hang your metal art for you.

In addition, anyone may hang metal art if they have the necessary equipment and skill. It’s crucial to know how to hang metal wall art properly for both aesthetic and functional reasons. So, we have created a simple step-by-step tutorial to help you through the procedure of How to hang metal wall art. We’ll offer advice on anything from how to hang metal wall art securely on the wall to making sure it’s level.

Things We Need To Know About How To Hang Metal Wall Art

Things We need for how to hang metal wall art

Decorative hanger

Drill or screwdriver

Nails or screws for wood


Tape measure

A Pencil

A Stud finder

Select a durable hanger

Select a Durable Hanger

Make sure the device holding your metal piece of art to the wall can withstand its weight. Metal prints occasionally come with a hanger; other times, you must purchase one separately. If your metal wall art doesn’t have a hanger, we suggest using picture wire or a sawtooth bar.

Find a stud in the wall

Find a Stud in a wall

You should never hang a piece of wall art directly on the wall, not even with the strongest hanger possible. The wall is made of plain concrete or wood, both of which will eventually fall apart. A stud, on the other hand, is more durable and better suited to supporting metal wall art. With the use of a useful tool called a stud finder, you can detect the studs that are hidden behind your wall. When you’ve found a suitable stud, identify that location as your installation point.

Make a mark where you want to hang your artwork

make a mark

By finding a stud, you may identify the vertical axis on which to hang your artwork. Make a precise pencil mark along the stud line where you wish to hang your artwork after choosing that spot.

Identify the hanger’s position

You must ascertain how low the hook or wire is on the artwork’s back in order to hang it exactly where you desire. To determine this, measure the distance from the hook or wire to the top of the piece of art. Note the measurement

Mark your precise hanging location

Where you wish to hang your metal piece of art is indicated by the pencil mark you created earlier. Measure the distance you previously noted as you move downhill from that pencil point. Mark the new position in a different way than you did with a pencil.

Fix the hanger to the stud

Put the screw into the wall at the precise spot you designated previously using your screwdriver or drill.The screw should have enough length at the end to accommodate your hook or hanger while still being long enough to reach the wall stud. Before screwing in the screw, you might need to use a drill to make a pilot hole.

Your metal artwork should be hung on a hanger

Carefully latch your artwork onto the hanger. Before releasing the object, make sure the artwork is firmly attached to the screw and that you can feel the hanger.

Verify the evenness of your piece using a level

Your metal work of art should be stopped at your level. See if the bubbles in the level indicate that it’s straight. Adjust your piece as required until it lays in a completely equal position.

Evenness Using a Level.


Now take a step back and take in the room’s stunning new display of your metal art.

Some Stunning Metal Wall Art:

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