How To Choose The Best Living Room Rug For Your Home

Choosing The Best Living Room Rug For Your Home can be a hard choice, and many individuals don’t have any idea what to search for. The size, variety, style, and wind of a rug are all things you ought to think about. Regardless of whether you know this, you actually probably won’t understand what it is you’re searching for to suit your needs.

To take care of you, we’ve assembled a basic manual for how to choose the best living room rug for your home. View our top tips to ensure the new expansion to your stylistic layout is the ideal fit for yourself as well as your home. First of all, we need to focus on that point:

What to Consider Before Buying The Best Living Room Rug For Your Home:

Firstly, it’s all about knowing the room in which the rug will live and the purpose it’s meant to serve. Is it an assertion piece to bring the styles together, or a useful one for high-traffic zones? On the off chance that you have pets and little ones, a fragile rare find is reasonable but not prudent.

Next, you’ll want to think about the rug’s size, shape, style, and material. More on all of these is given below:

Choosing The Best Living Room Rug For Your Home.

Rug Size that we should choose for The Best Living Room Room Rug For Your Home:

The living room rug defines this space. The space we’re talking about in our living room is the seating area. It means defining the area where you are going to work, not the whole entire room. So you want a rug that covers that seating area. The following is the method for how to measure the rug size for a living room. 

  •        How to Measure a Room for a Rug: 

Take the overall estimations of a room and decrease the dimensions by 1-2 feet to arrive at a properly measured rug for the space. On the other hand, utilize painter’s tape to frame the rug aspects in its optimal area, then measure the border, and utilize that as your leaping off point.

  •        How to measure the Size of Rug for Living Room:

Here is a magic formula for a living room rug size:

For a living room, you should choose a mid-to-high-pile area rug,that is larger in size.

Standard dimensions: 8′ x 10′, 9′ x 12′, 10′ x 14′

The Best Living Room Rug For Your Home.

Tip: It is better to go big rather than too small with the rug.

 Complementary Colors and Patterns: 

It is not necessary to buy a rug that is the same color as all the home rugs or furniture. We can also go with a secondary color, which also looks pretty.

  •  Light colored rugs:

 If you have dark-colored furniture, then it’s better to go with light-colored rugs that enhance the setting of your living room.

Light Colored rugs
  •  Dark colored rugs:

On the other hand, if you have light and low colored furniture, then you’d better go with dark colored rugs.

Dark Colored Rugs
  • Solid/Plain Rugs:

If you have patterned furniture in your living room, then choose a solid one-color rug that will help to look better with your furniture.

Solid/Plain rugs
  •  Patterned rugs:

Same with those patterned rugs, that if you have plain one-color furniture then choose patterned rugs.

Patterned rugs
  •  Child and pet proof rugs:

If you’re worried about stains, opt for darker patterned rugs for something that won’t show small stains so easily. By choosing these types of rugs, it’ll save a lot of stress, time, and cleaning. 

Child and Pet Proof Rugs

Think about the Material: 

Wool: wool carpets are strong and exceptionally warm, so they are great in the event that you believe a carpet should assist with protecting a room in winter. Wool is commonly very simple to clean, and is likewise fire-safe in the event that you’re searching for a mat to put before a fire. Not with standing, wool doesn’t toll very well against corrosive spills like juice and wine without it being destroyed. It is likewise a seriously costly material and is inclined to shedding, which can irritate sensitivities.

Wool-Mix: Mixing wool with a man-made fiber can assist with lessening shedding and assist the carpet with keeping its shape when wool can twist marginally. It’s very strong and is great for living room rugs exposed to weighty footfall. Mixing wool with filaments, for example, nylon, polyester, or polypropylene, makes a less expensive option in contrast to a wool rug. In any case, they will generally diminish the life expectancy somewhat, as wool is normally extremely enduring, though the man-made strands aren’t really.

Jute: normal fiber carpets, for example, Jute mats can be a decent expansion, and function admirably in natural-style interiors. It is moderately reasonable and will generally come in neutral shades, so it will go with a great number of interior styles. Jute is the softest and least hard-wearing of the normal fiber rugs, yet is the mildest style of regular fiber to browse.

Sisal: Sisal is another normal fiber. Sisal is extremely hard-wearing with regards to high-traffic regions and heaps of footfall. Be that as it may, however it stains effectively even from water, and is very challenging to clean

What is the best material in rugs for high traffic areas of the home?

Toughness is fundamental in a rug that is in a high traffic area of the home. Wool and jute rugs are excellent natural fiber choices because both are areas of strength for extremely strong. Normal rugs can be challenging to clean, so a decent manufactured choice is polypropylene. Throughout the year, it has been improved to mirror the attributes of regular strands like wool and jute.

Don’t Forget a Rug Pad For The Best Living Room Rug For Your Home:

The last step that people often forget is to don’t forget a rug pad for the best living room rug for your home. The rug pad is going to absorb the impact from your feet and is also going to absorb the sound. It will protect your floor if you have hardwood from getting scratched and is also going to keep your rug in place.

Rug Pad

This is all from us. We hope you like it and now know how to choose the best living room rug for your home.

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